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Closed Cell Viton® Sponge

Cord Stock


“D” Shapes and Tubing

Continuous strip up to 12” wide

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive available


FKM-Industries is one of the few companies worldwide that is able to offer a closed cell Viton® - Sponge.  FKM-Industries is able to extrude product up to .5” thick in sponge rubber.  Our Viton® - Sponge extrusions have a uniform skin on the surface.

 Our stripping is available up to 8” wide and we are working on being able to manufacture up to 12” in the near future.

All of our Viton®-Sponge extrusion are manufactured with 100% Genuine Viton®  Due to the technical nature of this product, we ask that you call the us with your inquiry.

Tolerances:   BEC I & BEC II

Density:  Viton® Sponge can be formulated to different densities for each unique application.  Viton- Sponge Density can range from 2.5psi to 25. While PSI is a good indicator, there are different ways to achieve softness through material designs. Our experts will work with you on your individual application.

All Sponge Products are made with Genuine Viton® by Dupont Performance Elastomers

Proud supplier of American made Polymer by American Companies
Dyneon, LLC a 3M company
Viton® by Dupont Performance Elastomers

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